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Every Saturday. Poplar Union.
Nearest tube station: Mile End / Canary Wharf / Langdon Park

London House Music Choir is a fast-paced music industry project choir. We are a contemporary choir that uses House Music at its core, providing uplifting live, recorded and television performances for a wide range of clients and audiences.

Professional vocal coaching is given in each session, so intermediate singers are welcome too. Our weekly sessions provide hands-on methods that easily help our singers to further develop their vocal skills. We integrate both traditional techniques with industry-standard vocal training which we blend to a backdrop of contemporary dance music.

Our sessions are led by an industry professional, in an inclusive environment which enhances a great experience for our singers. We support a positive choir-culture which creates proven benefits all of our members and underpins our professional connections with our audiences and clients.

If you enjoy dance music, rich 3-part harmonies and uplifting vocals, this could certainly be the choir for you!

  • When

    EVERY SATURDAY: 1:00PM till 3:30 PM

  • Where

    VENUE: Poplar Union, 2 Cotall St, London E14 6TL

  • For

    Intermediate and Experienced singers

Harmonise to house music!

Our singing tuition uses foundations incorporating traditional practices as well as Qi Gong, NLP and Life Coaching to help progress both vocal skills and the psychology needed for dynamic performances.

This choir sings House in a House Music style! We use 3-part harmonies; Soprano, Alto & Tenor and blend this into a contemporary ‘dance’ sound. We are building a strong repertoire with UK Dance Music producers which ensures plenty of live and recorded performances around London & UK. Our rehearsal sessions can involve working on up to 3 or 4 songs at a time and there is plenty of opportunity for our singers to develop lead roles for each track.

The Choir

House Music + Diversity = Unity”

London House Music Choir members pride themselves on representing London as a diverse cultural melting pot and enjoy being the creators of an inclusive environment. Staying true to the historical nature of House Music, this choir actively embraces group diversity and sees this as a foundation for breaking down social and economic barriers of race, class and everything in between.

The weekly singing practice and live performances have been noted to boost a state of emotional and mental wellbeing whilst enhancing personal achievement. LHMC members come from all reaches of London and together, co-create a strong sense of belonging which is visible and audible in all performances

What the Choir Says”

I’ve wanted to join a choir for many years now; and the London House Music Choir provided the perfect opportunity to indulge my love of singing and house music, in the company of some now very good friends. The choir provides a great release from the stresses and strains of every day life and I always feel incredibly energised after a rehearsal. The choir members are an enthusiastic, supportive, talented bunch of people and Kayo knows exactly how to bring out the best in all of us. I’d heartily recommend it to anyone looking to advance in contemporary singing, and I’m very proud of our progression over the last year. We are a force to be reckoned with!
~ Lisa~

Interested in joining?

Start by filling in the form below and tell us a little about yourself.  If you are successful at audition stage, you’ll then be given access to the members-only area of our website, which contains helpful information on singing, warmups as well as the songs we’re currently working on.

Musical Director & Project Director

Kayo Anosike is a professional singer, DJ and vocal coach who has has toe-tapping tracks released on the Universal Music label. Kayo Anosike directed her first choir in The Royal Albert Hall in 2004, for the Darfur Refugees Concert (Refugee Voices). Since then she has never looked back. Kayo is currently the Choir Director of the London House Cats Choir (as seen on BBC Strictly Come Dancing opening showcase 2016). A choir that sings House in a House Music style.

Having started her career touring with international musicals and gospel tours, Kayo went on to sing for the late Pope John Paul II in the Vatican where she also supported renowned artists such as Randy Crawford, Brian Adams and Dionne Warwick. After qualifying at the British Academy of New Music, Kayo became Head of Music at Kensington & Chelsea College and founded their first ever contemporary music department. With her skills in music, coaching and applied psychology, Kayo is proven to create exhilarating vocal experiences for others. Since the start of the pandemic, her choirs have been rehearsing weekly, growing, and delivering regular video performances to help keep audiences uplifted and inspired.

During each session, Kayo Anosike provides professional vocal coaching to ensure the growth and engagement of all of her singers. By integrating her music industry skills and ‘people passion, Kayo shares this unique project which is designed to enhance pleasure, confidence, vocal ability and personal growth whilst delivering audience satisfaction.

Interested in joining?

Start by filling in the form below and tell us a little about yourself.  If you are successful at audition stage, you’ll then be given access to the members-only area of our website, which contains helpful information on singing, warmups as well as the songs we’re currently working on.

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Mission Statement ~ Aims & Objectives

  • We are committed to encouraging inclusivity and respect among all people, through our work with voice and contemporary music.
  • Our mission is to use our unique platform to enhance joy to inspire our audiences throughout greater London and worldwide.
  • Our choir actively upholds cultural diversity as represented within our city London, as within the historical origins of House Music.   

~Kayo Anosike~

(Choir Director)

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